ESPEN 2019 Poster Tours

Poster tours will consist of several guided tours around the 6 outstanding posters in various categories. During the tours, the poster authors will have the opportunity to present, explain the main results of their work and answer questions.  Headsets will be distributed at the poster tours.

Experts in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism will lead groups of up to 20 attendees. Authors are requested to stay close to their posters for flash presentations or questions during the session.

Presenting authors are also encouraged the join the tour after their presentation in order to participate in the discussion of other posters on similar subjects.


Please note that you need to register in order to participate in a guided poster tour. The number of participants per poster tour is limited to 20. Registrations can be made at the poster tours desk, located in the registration area, on a first-come first-served basis during registration opening hours on the day of the poster tour.


The tour will start in the Poster Area at the first poster number scheduled on the guided poster tour.

The Scientific Committee had selected a number of posters and organised them in different tours/topics as following:


Sunday 1 September Poster Tour Session 1:Critical care/Liver and gastrointestinal tract/Perioperative care
(PT01.1 – PT01.6)
Moderators: K. Rollins (UK), S. Klek (PL)
Poster Tour Session 2:Geriatrics/Nutrition and chronic disease/Nutritional epidemiology
(PT02.1 – PT02.6)
Moderators: C. Mcglory (CA), M. Gruchała-Niedoszytko (PL)
Poster Tour Session 3: Nutrition and cancer/Nutritional assessment/Qualitative design studies
(PT03.1 – PT03.6)
Moderators: L . Bindels (BE), K. Szczepanek (PL)
Poster Tour Session 4: Nutrition and cancer/ Obesity and the metabolic syndrome
(PT04.1 – PT04.6)
Moderators: M. Uyar (TR), Z. Kamocki (PL)
Poster Tour Session 5: Nutrition and chronic disease/Nutritional assessment/Nutritional techniques and formulations
(PT05.1 – PT05.6)
Moderators : M. Ramage (UK), A. Bosy-Westphal (DE)
Monday 2 September Poster Tour Session 6: Obesity and the metabolic syndrome
(PT06.1 – PT06.6)
Moderators: K. Bealieu (UK), R. Zaucha (PL)
Poster Tour Session 7: Nutritional techniques and formulations/Obesity and the metabolic syndrome/Nutrition and cancer/Nutritional assessment
(PT07.1 – P07.6)
Moderators: C. Birts (UK), J. Sobocke (PL)
Poster Tour Session 8: Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals
(PT08.1 – P08.6)
Moderators: P. Vinci (IT), C. Lingtak-Neander (US)
Poster Tour Session 9: Nutrition and chronic disease/Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals
(PT09.1 – PT09.5)
Moderators: C. Cruthirds (US), M. Berger (CH)
Poster Tour Session 10: Nutritional assessment/Protein and amino acid metabolism/Nutrition and cancer
(PT10.1 – PT10.6)
Moderators: N. Achamrah (FR), M. Hiesmayr (AT)
Poster Tour Session 11: Nutrition and cancer
(PT11.1 – PT11.6)
Moderators: S. Malgorzewicz (PL), P. Bekker Jeppesen (DK)